Feb 1st Love is in the air, 40% off Windows VPS

This February 14th, get ready for Valentine's day with your -40% server voucher By using the following voucher code gets you a recurring 40% off each new server! " LoveRDP" The code will remain valid until February, 14th! So feel free to spread the love.Stater Plan 6$ Now 40% off So today Price $3.78USDOur Datacenter Cart Link : ... Read More »

May 28th We offer high-quality servers

Dear Cybernauts Please be welcomed to VPS-RDP.COM! We offer high-quality servers located in the United States of America, Singapore and the Netherlands bakced by top-notch datacenters. To be precise, inside the U.S.A, we have datacenters in the states of Washington and Virginia, in Netherlands our datacenter is located in Amsterdam and finally ... Read More »

Feb 16th Cloud Budget Monthly Plans RDP

Added New Windows RDP Plan


Nov 18th Chicago11 - About Server Down

Our server named "chicago-11" has been down because of the PDU malfunction that occurred in the production center. The problem has been solved by the DataCenter authorities changing the defective PDU. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Nov 1st Virtual Data Centre ! What is VDC?

Virtual Data Centre (VDC) is an automated and scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud platform providing compute, network and storage. VDC is uniquely built on its own global fibre optic networkut. The only smart cloud built on top of a smart network; because of this VDC delivers some key benefits:  Private by default when ... Read More »

Dec 11th Things to know before using Virtual Computers ( Remote Desktop )

Remote desktop connection is a usual thing around experts who need their workstation at any place wherever they go. This is since remote access permits them to get access to their workstations in the workplace or at home without being before the workstation in individual. When you choose to go out and buy Virtual Computer of genuine brand, you ... Read More »

Nov 3rd Buy Windows RDP ( Remote Desktop ) Affordable Price

 Virtual Desktop, Hosted Desktop, Online Desktop and Remote Desktops would all mean almost the same. Some even call it Virtual Remote Computer, Internet Hosted Computer, Online Computer, Internet Desktop, etc. In some cases there may be a slight technical difference between these terms. Virtual desktops or VDI are hosted in remote data centers ... Read More »